4 top tips for cleaner living

What Kenya's top designers, entrepreneurs & fashionistas say

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This week, we’re closing out our series on clean living and sustainable sourcing by rounding up our favorite tips and thoughts from designers, founders, entrepreneurs and fashionistas that we’ve spoken with over the last few months.

On the topic of sustainable living, all of them were optimistic that a shift is beginning, towards more mindful process when it comes to what we buy.

Here are some of our top take-aways:

1. Find out about the story

Linda Murithi , co-founder of Hub of Africa Fashion Week and The Core Fashion Kenya gave us her take: our back-stories are super important. From where products come from to how we source them, storytelling is key to sustainable sourcing in future, and now we’re getting better at it. You can read the Q&A with Linda here.

2. Less is more

We had the pleasure of speaking with top Kenyan designer Deepa Dosaja. She talks about the concept of slow fashion; of taking in more with less and being more mindful about the fashion we buy and make. Whether that’s designing with that in mind, or buying less in general, you can read the full Q&A in conversation with Deepa Dosaja.

“The ultimate dream of young designers is to design large quantities, but is it really sustainable and is it really important? We have to ask ourselves why we’re making clothes, and for me, it’s to give comfort and beauty to my clients, and for them to get to know us.” - Deepa Dosaja.

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3. Know what’s in it

Know what’s in what you buy. Founder Megan Root, of the nontoxic cleaning company Grounded, knows a thing or two about sustainable sourcing. From laundry power to liquid soap; disinfectant to hand sanitizer, Grounded’s range is made using natural ingredients and no synthetic fragrances or foaming agents. Check out: Staying Grounded with Megan Root.

4. Start somewhere

In Designing a sustainable future with Lilabare founder Ria Sejpal, we asked where to start on sustainable sourcing? For her, making a start means getting directly involved in creating a more sustainable future and actively forging it. But we can all start somewhere, whether it’s making an effort to recycle more, or looking for local products.

“I see it as actively participating in the development of the industry; being a part of actively creating and constructing that locally.” - Ria Sejpal, Designing a sustainable future .

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